A charge that lasts

Orion Q3 is powered by the latest MTK6580, 1.3GHZ Quad-core processor (with 460 mAh battery capacity) , which consumes 25% less energy than the other smartwatches. Orion Q3 also features exclusive Hyper-Charge technology that provides industry-leading charge times — just 20 minutes to reach a 65% charge — and a convenient magnetic charging connector that snaps into place automatically. 

Orion Q3

Orion Q3 FAQ's

Q1. Does it support SIM card or TF card? 
A1. It supports Nano SIM card. But it doesn't support TF card.

Q2. Can i change the strap of the smart watch? 
A2. Yes,the strap can be changed.

Q3. Can I connect Orion Q3 Classic Bluetooth with my iPhone or android phone? 
A3. Yes, It supports IOS 9.0 and Android 4.4 or above phone.

Q4. What function can i use after connect bluetooth? 
A4. After bluetooth connection, you can only get phone call remind, notification remind. You can not receive or make phone call on watch when connect bluetooth only. Please download "Wiiwatch" app first on your phone.

Q5. Can I download Android Wear app on watch? 
A5. No, It doesn't support.

Q6. How much time does Orion Q3 Classic need to be charged? 
A6. Orion Q3 Classic needs to be charged at least 2.5 hours. Sometimes, the power will show full after several minutes charge. But it's not really fully charged.

Q7. What's the Orion Q3 Classic watch size? 
A7. Watch Case: 52 mm(Length) *47mm (Width) * 15mm (Thickness)Strap: Long strap length: 130mm Short strap length: 80mm

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