A New Year (2021) Message From Neuclo’s President and CEO, Noel Kingsley

Dear Esteemed Customers,

I'd like to wish you a happy new year and take the opportunity to share some thoughts on these difficult times.

Covid-19 has caused a major emergency on a global scale, but it has also affected us very closely. We are all facing a brand new reality and a radical change in our habits and lifestyle.

At Neuclo, we have tackled this 2020 with the same strength, determination and efficiency as ever. We have put all our energy into action to ensure the maximum safety of our employees and remain close to our customers with a first-rate service level and customer experience.

Looking at the bright side, great changes often come with great evolution.

In this new scenario, Neuclo’s product model has proved to be as timely as ever, confirming all its strength. The excellent goals achieved in 2020 once again confirm the efficiency of a brand that you can rely on its innovative products and an increasingly all-round package. And the extraordinary efforts of the past months will help us grow and improve even further.

Today, we are building for the future. Together, we will be able to overcome this difficult period of our history and face 2021 with more optimism than before.

I’d like to thank you for your interest in Neuclo, and I wish you a peaceful and satisfying new year.

Kingsley Noel

Chief Executive Officer
Neuclo Technology Ltd

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