5.5" ultra-high screen immersive full display design  pushes pixels closer to the edge of the phone. This is a monumental  technology leap from typical smartphones. Neuclo Alpha M7 bezel-less, distinctive, and minimalist design features the best-looking camera and fingerprint sensor which gives it an additional class to its full mirror-glass body.

Alpha M7 earpiece speaker, proximity sensor, & front camera

In order to expand the screen coverage to the maximum, we stripped away what are normally placed on the front surface of the phone. We relocate these components through structural innovation. The Box Audio Cavity design allows the earpiece to conceal itself as a very thin line on the top-end of the front surface. The proximity sensor is relocated to the top-end of the Alpha M7 device. The front camera is also moved to to lower-centre end of the front surface, enabling a 16:9 display ratio for full content viewing experience.


Experience the Border-less World with Alpha M7

With an unprecedented screen ratio, the ultra-high screen proportions on a 5.5" display pushes pixels closer to the edge of the phone. This is a massive technological leap from typical phones today and will change forever your approach with a smartphone. Once the display lights up, your contents and colors will jump to life: your smartphone will look like a window to the world, blending seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

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