Neuclo Core X6: Being unique means being one of a kind.

Being unique means being one of a kind. Neuclo Core X6 is an elegant multi-sport smartwatch for training and maintaining a healthy lifestyle designed for ladies. Stay connected, for longer, wherever you are.

Wear it your style

Whatever your style, express it with the Core X6 Smartwatch. Choose from various colours, each with lots of customisable faces. Whether Rose Gold, Burlywood, Black, Black White or Light Silver are your thing, you can go from work to the weekend, effortlessly. Alternatively, choose from two straps options – a gorgeous Faux Leather or Milanese Mesh steel.

neuclo core x6

Showcase your style

If the assorted watch colours to choose from wasn’t enough to expand your wardrobe, you can match any look with a wide range of straps – even standard 22mm or 20mm watch straps work – for limitless personalising potential.

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