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March 15, 2021

UK-Based Startup Neuclo Technology Offers Environmentally Friendly Smartphones & Wearable Technology at Affordable Prices

Kington, United Kingdom, Release: March 15, 2021. For Immediate Release

Last year, the world set a record for the amount of e-waste generated worldwide, discarding 53.6 million metric tons of technological devices including phones, computers, appliances, and other gadgets. Despite its serious environmental implications, the worldwide amount of e-waste has grown by 21 percent over the last five years with no end in sight, generated in large part by increased production of inexpensive smartphones and other devices.

Enter United Kingdom-based Neuclo Technology, a startup company seeking to challenge the status quo and tackle the growing e-waste epidemic head-on. Renowned for designing innovative smartphones and wearable technology at affordable prices, Neuclo is upending the smartphone and wearable technology sector – with both the consumer and the environment in mind.

With a core mission of creating great products that the public can enjoy for years to come and also help save our environment, Neuclo has long been respected for its commitment to keeping to the highest of green standards. But the company’s products are more than just environmentally friendly. By producing devices like the Pop K2 smartphone or the Pulse2 Pro smartwatch, Neuclo provides consumers with access to state-of-the-art technology, at some of the most affordable prices in the market today.

“At a time when e-waste is growing at an alarming rate, the Neuclo team is producing incredible products that are both consumer-friendly and cutting-edge,” says Noel Kingsley, the Founder of Neuclo Technology. “We’re determined to continue to pioneer a new way towards producing environmentally friendly products, use eco-friendly components in our supply chain, and adhere to fair trade practices. Thanks to our innovative approach, everyone can know that Neuclo products are not only good for your wallet – they’re great for the planet.”

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