We concentrate on ensuring sustainability

We can achieve the greatest positive impact and help accelerate achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by creating the technology that connects people and things.

Committing to a cleaner, more connected world

Our technology improves lives by providing access to education, information, better healthcare, and economic opportunity, and can enable a safer, smarter and healthier planet.

Our priorities

Our sustainability priorities remain improving people’s lives with technology, protecting the environment, conducting business with integrity, respecting our people and ensuring we make change together with key stakeholders in order to have the greatest positive impact. Read more below.

Improving people’s lives with technology

Improving people’s lives with technology

We believe we can achieve our greatest impact on the world’s sustainability challenges by developing and enhancing solutions and technology that improve lives and provide greater opportunities for people. 

The continued development and rollout of 5G, Internet of Things, cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning has the potential to socially and economically empower any individual, community, industry or country.

Our commitments, targets and performance

We are are on the verge of the greatest change in society, industry and the planet since the last industrial revolution. Technology will drive the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) - connectivity will bring economic, educational, health and efficiency opportunities to all. A connected world, where everyone and everything is interconnected, remains essential for the welfare of humankind and the planet. 

With the combination of 5G, the Internet of Things, Artificial intelligence and other key technology innovations we have the promise of enormous beneficial change in just about every area of human endeavor: healthcare, transport, communication, industry, public safety, utilities, agriculture, education and entertainment. 5G will deliver the much needed network capacity, speed, latency and intelligence providing the catalyst for 4IR. 

4IR is not just about economic potential, but also about the personal and social benefits: improving lives, preserving our planet’s resources, and giving people more time and freedom to connect with each other and the things they enjoy.

Protecting the environment

Protecting the environment

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released their special report on the impacts of global warming at 1.5 °C, underscoring the need for even greater action by all parts of society, business and government to increase activities to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change, sustainable development, and efforts to eradicate poverty.

Our commitments, targets and performance

We concentrate on ensuring environmental sustainability across our own operations and on working hard to reduce power consumption and energy use across our product portfolio and the networks we deliver to our customers. Beyond our own operations and our telecom operator customers, we explore how the technology solutions we deliver can help other industries lower their carbon footprint and improve their use of resources through greater efficiency. 

The potential benefits of digital technology innovations can play a significant role in not only reducing the negative impacts but also increasing the positive impacts of technology on industries, society and the lives of individuals. To achieve the greatest impact, it is essential that all parties come together and accelerate the uptake of new digital technologies such as 5G, IoT, smart automation and cloud computing to halt the advance of climate change. 

Circular thinking is integrated into our whole value chain. Circularity for us is about working efficiently to avoid waste generation and resource overuse through better design, serviceability and product lifetime extension. We also work with our supply chain, sharing best practices and encouraging tracking and targets for key environmental issues.

Conducting our business with integrity

Conducting our business with integrity

Our business is built on the foundation of trust. Our Code of Conduct expresses our personal commitment to earn this trust every day, in all of our business activities and in every country where we work. 

It reflects our values through clear and simple direction for all of our employees and business partners and defines the principles of ethical and compliant business practices.

Our commitments, targets and performance

Over the years we have nurtured and maintained a culture of high integrity where every employee is held accountable and responsible for upholding our ethical values and for conducting business with unwavering standards of integrity.Our Code of Conduct is applicable to all our employees, directors and management, and we also have a Code of Ethics applicable to the President and CEO, Chief Financial Officer, Deputy Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Controller. 

We expect our employees to follow these five basic principles:

  • Obey laws and follow policies 
  • Be fair and honest 
  • Treat each other with respect 
  • Declare conflicts of interest and avoid appearance of impropriety 
  • Report any concerns promptly

Respecting our people in everything we do

Respecting our people in everything we do

We foster a culture of high performance and high integrity, guided by our vision, brand, and values. It is through our people and culture that we shape technology to serve human needs. 

Our pursuit of performance with integrity and sustainability – a culture that stems from our English roots – is key to why our customers and partners choose to work with us, and why our employees work for us.

Our commitments, targets and performance

The market for skilled employees in our business is extremely competitive. Our workforce has fluctuated over recent years as we have introduced changes in our strategy to respond to our business targets and our endeavors. 

We believe it is essential that we work on creating a corporate culture that is motivational, inclusive, and encourages creativity and continuous learning to meet future challenges and opportunities. 

Our Code of Conduct provides the foundation for how we behave and treat each other, both internally and externally. Drive, Dare and Care is the cultural platform we use to shape our core common culture. We focus on selected business priorities and the behaviours which drive them best. For example, for driving relentless value creation and execution we need improved decision making; to have the attitude of entrepreneurs we need our people to feel empowered and autonomous; and to excel in team work we need to share and act inclusively. To strengthen these behaviors we have facilitated activities to make them more applicable.

Making change happen together

Making change happen together

Collaboration is key to creating shared value that underpins the drive for a more sustainable society and world. 

Together we can make a much greater impact on the social, environmental, ethical and economic challenges of our time.

Our commitments, targets and performance

We understand that we cannot just concentrate on our own actions and challenges but need to work with a broad range of stakeholders that can bring their skills, knowledge and power to help resolve many of the environmental, social and governance challenges the world faces. 

Collaboration is fundamental to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and ensuring that the benefits of the fourth industrial revolution and technology are available to all. 

We engage with customers, suppliers, partners, industries, academia, non-governmental organizations, cities, governments and civil society, who all have an important role to play in making positive change happen. 

We seek to cooperate on relevant projects where we believe we can make a contribution that has true impact, and where we can bring the benefits of technology to bear.

Our approach

We invent, build and delivers innovative mobile technology, products and services and we aim to do this in a responsible way. We realize we have the greatest impact on sustainable development when we work with other stakeholders. 

At the heart of our business is connectivity and the services it provides to improve lives in so many ways. Purpose and sustainability are embedded in how we operate and in the solutions we provide. 

We take responsibility for our actions and impact on the world, minimizing potential negative impacts while maximizing the many potential positive impacts of the technology we create.

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Core Objectives

Our approach is built on three pillars

Our approach

Supporting our customers in a very responsible and sustainable way.

Our World

Making a positive impact on the world and the communities around us.

Our People

Our people are our greatest asset – we say it often and with good reason.