Neuclo AlphaOne is the most appealing smartphone with 3D curve on all side, more than works of art. AlphaOne features face recognition (automatically unlocks within 0.2sec), 13MP front camera and rear camera combo of 16MP +5MP with two flash lights that makes it shoot amazing photos in dark light.

AlphaOne™ Face ID UI Display from Neuclo Technology on Vimeo.

The design: Symmetric Design, Balanced Build

Balanced build and exquisite design didn’t come naturally. They evolved because we are, first and foremost, driven by the essential needs of our users. We value the feedback and then tweak and adjust until the new product meets the team’s exacting standards. This is our greatest strength.

The camera: Sony 16MP+5MP Dual Camera

With dual rear camera system, you can get the best blur effect for portrait. The subject of the picture will be highlighted and the background will be more artistic. The 16MP resolution keeps every detail in the pictures clean and clear.

The battery: 5500mAh High-Density Battery

In the slim body of AlphaOne, every little space is precious. But we still manage to put an unbelievable Samsung 5500mAh high-density battery into the phone. AlphaOne has the biggest battery among all full-screen phones.

Built & Security: Intelligent Fingerprint Identification

No password is safer than an individual fingerprint. Not to mention the complicated passwords. the fingerprint sensor instantly recognizes the user’s unique fingerprint and unlocks AlphaOne in less than 0.1 seconds.

Face Recognition: Face Recognition Unlocks In A Glimpse

A new way to unlock your AlphaOne with 3D facial recognition which is safer, faster and easier. AlphaOne can record up to 5 sets of face ID's and automatically unlocks within 0.2 second in a glimpse.

To view Neuclo Alpha1 Overview and Technical Specifications, please click.

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