Neuclo M7 5.5" display with rounded corners

50% smaller front-facing camera
We re-engineered a front camera that is 50% smaller than most typical front-facing camera module. Rotate the camera upside down for selfies, beautify with 36 smart beauty profiles, and take calls with real-time beautify tools.

5.5" display with rounded corners
Get better mobile viewing experience with our new 5.5" display. We understand right-angled displays don't sit well with rounded phone frames. With Neuclo M7, we specially customized rounded and narrower borders, achieving a high screen-to-body ratio, giving you amazing viewing experience that jumps to live.

The Neuclo M7 Box Audio Cavity design allows the earpiece to conceal itself as a very thin line on the top-end of the front surface. The proximity sensor is relocated to the top-end of the Alpha M7 device. The front camera is also moved to to lower-centre end of the front surface, enabling full content viewing experience.

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