Get a unique referral link when you verify or buy a Neuclo device, and share it with your friends to get free stuff. When a friend uses your link, they’ll get £15 off on accessories when they buy a Neuclo smartphone at


  1. STEP 1: Order a Neuclo smartphone or verify the IMEI number of your Neuclo device to receive your unique referral link. Then share it with friends, or post your link on social media.
  2. STEP 2: When your friend(s) use your link to purchase a Neuclo smartphone, they’ll receive £15 off on audio and gear products.
  3. STEP 3: You will receive £5 after your friend purchases a Neuclo smartphone and accessories using the coupon (please allow up to 28 days for referral points to be added to your account).

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